Three animals has he tamed:

The lion, hence his patience;

The bear, hence his friendliness;

The snake of his lower nature and he he is therefore free of all jealousy.

Three virtues has he acquired:

Faith in what he knows and trust in the promise of the King;

A strong Hope based on his knowledge of the Law as well as his acknowledgement of the good in evertything;

As well as Love towards the Justice in all the at happens and thus it is that he never judges the shortcomings of others or fall victim to garrulousness.

A True Rosicrucian - Pentagram Magazine 2017, Number 1

The international community of the Golden Rosycross releases a series of virtual public lectures presented in different countries and languages. These presentations invite us to a deep contemplation about our life, our relationship with the others and with the world where we live, and therefore open our consciousness to a new perspective of life. Experience the Awakening, the Understanding, and the Transformation of the seed within you. May this seed grow into the new state of consciousness of the Spirit-Soul. 


Video Presentation - September 3, 2020.

Today, the course of events is requiring a fundamental change in the way we think and live our lives as human beings. Everything that was, is and that will be are both interconnected in the same sphere of time and has a strong effect on each other as unity. However, our nature-born state of consciousness can not see that but through a linear time scale. To understand it deep and clearly a new state of consciousness must arise in the innermost part of the human being. This state of consciousness is triggered by undertaking a fundamental self-revolution. What does that mean in our day-to-day practical life?


Public Talk - June 15, 2020.

How do our thoughts affect the entire personality that we are today?

Thoughts are things, creatures, living beings; they are also light flashes, luminous impulses of our brain.

They are joined according to their nature and become ever more powerful. If we decide not to mentally vivify these thought beings in our manifestation field any longer so that they remain static, they resemble cloud formations and like the clouds in the air, they follow a certain movement.


Public Talk - May 11, 2020.

The true meaning of meditation is the immersion in the heart, the core, the middle.  Staying in the silence that stems from that middle allows us to see who we are.  In this silence of the middle,  we realize that there is no reason to fight the internal noise because the noise comes from the illusion of being the very rushing waters of the river of the mind. 


Video lecture - April 13, 2017.

As human beings, we are driven by our thoughts, feelings and desires. The lower mind is the impelling force of our natural soul. It animates and vivifies our self-oriented thoughts. It is bound with our feelings and astral energies. It can never become silent. The Higher Mind is a purified state of consciousness that is connected with an opposite realm, distinguished by its higher energy, the 'Eternal Stillness'. 

We must make a choice between impermanence and the Eternal. We must aim at the liberation of our consciousness and the manifestation of a new dimension in his life.


Public Talk - June 1, 2019.

Life is changing, and it is changing very fast! 

Your life is being impacted by massive waves of change. We are all being pushed to a limit, every second. The changes in the world is requiring a fundamental new state of consciousness from us. The only way to fulfil that is conquered by each one of us through an inner self-revolution. Only then we can become true agents of change in this world. In this video, we discuss this process of an inner self-revolution.


Contemplative Meeting - June 18, 2020.

When you recognize the inner yearning for a higher state of consciousness, you'll feel the need to find the true purpose of life and you'll follow it. You'll free yourself from isolation and will start seeking new fundamental values and, by virtue of this deep-seated longing of the heart, you will set foot on the inward journey, the path that leads to the innermost essence of one's being. This path can lead to the total reversal of one's consciousness, a liberation, and therefore to the revolutionary transformation of one's life.


Public Talk - Live on Facebook - September 5, 2017.

Why do we have fear?

How does it manifest in our consciousness and affect our actions? 

How can we understand and overcome that?  

Fear is a projection of the human mind. Therefore, there are different aspects of fear: one is based on a natural instinct that leads to self-protection, and others made out of anxiety and worries. Anxiety and worries are the most powerful forces that shape our personality. They also create a sense of being stuck and an apparently overwhelming barrier against an encouragement for a change towards a fundamental inner transformation.

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