There is an "inner touch" that impels every human to a different perception of the aspect that evolves our ordinary life.  Some of them will engage in a mindful process that will give rise to many questions about the purpose of life.  A quest for the truth begins!


For a pupil in the Golden Rosycross, the pathway leading to the Truth is a process of self-knowledge that will guide him to perceiving the connection between him and the Logos, through self-experience.

The direct effect of this process is a new perception of all aspects of life. This new perception provokes a fundamental change in his life and creates new perspectives of personal values and priorities.

Becoming a Member – A personal decision.


One’s response to this new perspective, and whether one wants to follow it, is a very personal decision.


Membership in the School of the Golden Rosycross is open to all those who experience an inner resonance with the teachings presented by the School via videos, live webinars, public talks, books, and conversations.

Members have access to specific activities, such as Discussion Groups, Special Services, and Weekend Conferences.

The Introductory Lesson and the Orientation Course can be a guide to a seeker's inner resonance and help make a personal decison to become a member or a pupil.


The minimum age to become a member is 18 years old.

Being a pupil of a Gnostic School of Initiation - A fundamental change and renewal.


Pupilship in the Golden Rosycross involves much more than membership. It is also a personal decision, therefore the will for renewal is a fundamental decision for the benefit of a true spiritual path.


After a period of clarification about the life renewal, the seeker will be guided through the development of the inner soul. Those guidelines will help pave the way to inner transfiguration and, therefore enable the awakening of the Spirit-Soul consciousness.


The path of renewal in the Golden Rosycross does not have any process that is provoked by any kind of occultism or rituals. It is transparent, hence it follows a personal decision based on the consequences of self-knowledge and self-experience.

Henry David Thoreau once said: "The universe is wider than our views of it”. And, similarly, we, our selves, are wider than our views of ourselves. We think we are separate beings. We identify ourselves with a particular set of qualities, vices and virtues, views, emotions, reactions, roles that we perform and that make up our earthly personality. We do not realize that we are someone much bigger, higher and more perfect. At the level of the spiritual soul, we are one with everything that exists and one with the highest divine principle...At the present level of consciousness, we cannot feel this unity, live out of it and, by taking decisions, guide ourselves by its goodness, because we do not have a spiritual soul".

Retrieved from: LOGON Magazine: "Don't Walk the Path, Be the Path".

By:Emilia Wróblewska-Ćwiek