What does it mean to be a pupil or a member of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum?


The starting point for this is an "inner touch" that generates a different perception of every aspect that evolves our ordinary life.  It's a rational and analytical process in the human mind that gives rise to many questions about the purpose of life.

A quest for the truth begins!

For a Rosicrucian, the pathway leading to the discovery of the Truth is a path of self-knowledge and understanding the connection between humans and the Logos, through self-experience.

The direct effect of this pathway is practical new and wider perception of all aspects of life. This new perception leads to a fundamental change in the human being, creating new perspectives of personal values and priorities.

Becoming a Member – A personal decision.


One’s response to this new perspective, and whether one wants to follow it, is a very personal decision.

Membership in the School of the Golden Rosycross is open to all those who experience an inner resonance with the teachings presented by the School via videos, live webinars, public talks, books, music, conversations, etc.

After a period of Orientation Course the seeker may decide to become a member. The minimum age for either is 18 years. Membership includes a less formal connection with the School, with no further obligations. Members have access to many events and spiritual meetings, such as special discussion groups and special temple services and weekend conferences. In those Services and Conferences a deeper connection with Universal Teachings will be presented. The minimum age to become a member is 18 years old.

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Being a pupil of a Gnostic School of Initiation - A fundamental change and renewal.


Pupil ship in the Golden Rosycross involves much more than membership. It is also a personal decision, therefore the will for renewal is a fundamental decision for the benefit of a true spiritual path so that a longing which is a pure as possible arises from it. A longing that will certainly be answered.

In some seekers the "inner touch" has been mature and strong enough to pursuing a pupil ship directly. This "inner Light" starts shinning after a true and sincere self-investigation. The seeker is ready for a change and to adjust his/her life, step-by-step, towards the spiritual goal in an ongoing internal process.


After a period of preparation and elucidation, the seeker is encouraged to adopts some fundamental life-style changes. Some guidelines for the benefit and the development of the inner will be presented. Those guidelines help pave the way for transfiguration and, therefore also for the awakening of the Spirit-Soul consciousness.


The pupil will gradually diminish the influence of his/her inborn faculty to a so called “biological minimum”, in order to provide a wider action-radius to the higher faculties of the new soul within him. This process should not be provoked by any kind of occultism or rituals. It follows a personal decision based on the consequences of self-knowledge and self-experience.  Contact the School Centre for more details about the pupilship.

Thoreau once said: "the universe is wider than our views of it”. And, similarly, we, our selves, are wider than our views of ourselves. We think we are separate beings. We identify ourselves with a particular set of qualities, vices and virtues, views, emotions, reactions, roles that we perform and that make up our earthly personality. We do not realize that we are someone much bigger, higher and more perfect. At the level of the spiritual soul, we are one with everything that exists and one with the highest divine principle...At the present level of consciousness, we cannot feel this unity, live out of it and, by taking decisions, guide ourselves by its goodness, because we do not have a spiritual soul".

Retrived from: LOGON Magazine: "Don't Walk the Path, Be the Path".

By:Emilia Wróblewska-Ćwiek

The Light is the Teacher and the Master


All further steps on the way to a renewed awareness result from regular participation in meetings and experiencing the spiritual power of the Light in unison with other pupils. No teacher or master stands between the pupil and the Light. Everyone follows the path in self-authority at his own pace. The Light itself is the teacher and the direct knowledge resulting from the Light is called Gnosis – knowledge of God.


Pupilship aims to achieve the universal wisdom teachings in everyday life and to serve humanity on a spiritual level. This increases the desire and necessity to attend regular temple services. In the local centres of the International School of the Golden Rosycross several services a month are usually offered. These services last about one hour. In addition, pupils participate in weekend conferences in one of the conference centres.

The International School of the Golden Rosycross - Lectorium Rosicrucianum - offers a method to gain inner knowledge and insight into the essential matters of life, therefore uncovering the answers to many fundamental questions.

Founders Jan van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri transmitted a message that is consistent with the universal wisdom of all times.

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