The International School of the Golden Rosycross:

An Introduction


The Introductory Booklet invites the seeker to a fundamental investigation about the meaning of life. Therefore, a clear understanding about the Spiritual Path of the Golden Rosycross will emerge and the seeker will be able to find an interconnectedness between his search and the School's principles. 

The Introductory Booklet is divided into five parts, each one followed by its subdivided subject lessons:


PART 1 - The quest for the meaning of life;   


PART 2 - The heart of religion;   


PART 3 - The two nature orders;   


PART 4 - The human being as a microcosm;   


PART 5 - The holy desire.                                                   

 Read and excerpt of Part 1 and Part 3 of the Introductory Booklet.


The quest for the meaning of life.

Who am I?

What is the real purpose of my life?


Perhaps you are no longer satisfied by the conventional answers to these questions, and feel driven by a very deep-seated inner urge to find some indefinable, missing 'something.' Perhaps you give it a name - you say you want to find out who you really are, or you want to experience real inner peace. You pursue what wellbeing really means.

Or perhaps you can't really identify what you are looking for, but you are fully aware that there is something, and you have to find that.


In fact, the urge to find that 'something' is quite powerful in you. Strong enough to drive your thoughts out of the ordinary acceptance of life and take you onto a quest that has certainly already led you through libraries, courses, workshops, discussion groups and all kinds of experiences to find that.

Sometimes you feel as if you're getting near your goal, but then, just when it looks like being almost within your reach, it suddenly slips out of your hands again.  So you keep moving forward, you keep seeking...            


The two nature orders.

What is my understanding of the duality of life?

What forces drive my perception, my thinking and my actions?


The evidence of our senses tells us that everything which comes into existence in the world that we see around us will someday turn into its opposite. This constant interchanging of opposites is the fundamental essence of our world.

In our yearning for absolute values - for lasting peace, love and truth - we often tend to overlook this inevitable fact. The properties of the physical world are never constant. They are always in conflict with one another and are incompatible with each other. The two nature orders are known in the School by the Dialectics. This dialectical world includes not only the material visible world in which live but also the invisible realms where our subtle bodies inhabit. What is the effect of the two nature orders in our life?...                                                                          

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