The School of the Golden Rosycross offers courses to help seekers investigate and understand the "inner Light" within them and gain a comprehension of the purpose of a Spiritual School.  


The School supports all those who have a deep yearning to increase their understanding and to explore a pathway towards a true and unwavering knowledge, based on practical evidence experienced in their daily life.


That evidence will inspire thought-provoking reflections about the purpose of life. From that point, the seeker has reached a new realm in his Spirit-Soul.


An active new attitude of life towards himself and to the world around him will be absolutely needed - based on the awakening of the divine element within him - will result in an inner self-revolution and life renewal.


The School of the Golden Rosycross offers fundamental support to the seeker who decides to walk this pathway seriously. This pathway can be walked by any human being who feels the "Light" within, from where they are at this moment in their life.

This Path has been walked by many people in previous eras, under countless circumstances.


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