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About the Golden Rosycross and its principles


The Golden Rosycross is a contemporary School of initiation, in which all of its pupils and members are seekers who are yearning to lift themselves up from their actual state of consciousness through transforming their lives by a process of transmutation towards higher consciousness.

The School of the Golden Rosycross is a true 'mystery-school'. It is a current manifestation of the Rosicrucian tradition, whose historical origins date back to the 17th century.


The Universal Wisdom is the source of the School's knowledge and principles. This Wisdom has manifested in all times, since the dawn of human, adapted to different cultures and peoples throughout the times, and expressed in different ways, in a veiled symbolic language, to reach those yearning seekers; for example, the Tao Te Ching, some mystery Gospels, among others.

A Mystery School of Initiation


What is the meaning Mystery School of Initiation?

What influences does it have in the way we perceive life with our state of consciousness?

A mystery school can be understood as a "lighthouse in the night". Initiation, Enlightenment and Liberation are the light - which means knowledge - that is radiated by a mystery-school to all seekers in the world.


Initiation always starts with a fundamental question about the meaning of life, driven by a different perception of the world, that has currently reached the inner of a human being.


Enlightenment could be defined as "awakening". It's an overwhelming event in the life of a human being. It transforms completely the perception of his immediate reality, leading him to a clear understanding that he has been in a "deep sleep" until that moment.


Liberation occurs from a path of transformation, when the human seeker realizes that ordinary life can be seen as a cycle that is ruled relentlessly by the law of cause and effect and the intertwining of dualism. He can describe how seemingly opposite forces are actually interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other, as good-evil, light-dark, joy-tribulation.

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The School of the Golden Rosycross addresses its knowledge to the yearning seekers, by offering them elements so that they can find the answers to their questions in their most inner being, and therefore convert them into their own path of self transformation.


Only one path of initiation leads to liberation. The School guides the seekers to find it and truly walk it using their intelligence and discernment in a free decision.

Intelligence is a state of awakened consciousness on the basis of a true initiation process.

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