Don't follow the Path, Be the Path

To be a pilgrim on the Path

This path begins with fundamental questions about the meaning of life, impelled by a reflection about the effects of the past, present and future in your own life. You become aware of an opened-eye uncertainty that exists everywhere. This provokes a quest for self-knowledge that leads to a progressive yearning for an understanding of the hidden forces that drive our life of thoughts, feelings and actions.

You seek for a path, the path of which the great teachers speak, but you quickly find out that there is only your path, which you hack out for yourself by going forward step by step. You will find that it is not about imitating their lives but knowing yourself on your pilgrim's path. You will find out that if you want to experience a real transformation in your life you must be the path, and not only follow the path.


The seeker who set out on his quest is not the same one who arrives

To be a pilgrim in this manner means being aware of his past, present and future. The journey must be set out in the present when a different awareness is arising from a lifetime of experiences. Otherwise, the seeker will keep walking inside the circle of memories from the past and uncertain expectations for the future.

The seeker pilgrim who set out on his quest is not the same who arrives. The path changes while he travels it, and in turn, the path changes the pilgrim.

With every stumbling step you exercise your spiritual muscles. Every bridge across a ravine offers you a break-taking view of the mountain of attainment. And finally, you become aware that the pilgrimage itself knows a transformation as well.

Every step is a letting-go and every letting-go is a receiving.

You lose your world and gain the Universe!

A journey through a self-transformation


During the true path of initiation, the mortal man is taken up and into a new spiritual awareness.


This is the original Christian path of initiation that John describes in the New Testament: I must decrease; the other in me must increase.

We would like to invite you to watch the video lecture above Don't Follow the Path, Be the Path for a further understanding and reflection.